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Class Acts Administer Your Class Action Lawsuit

If you are readying for battle in the form of a defense against a class action lawsuit, or if you plan on filing one, you will have a lot of things to do, many administrative tasks that need handling. Someone will have to get the case together, someone else (or you) gets the court appearances, notifying potential plaintiffs and on and on and on. Options for help, thankfully, do exist. You may outsource all printing and mailing needs to Resource Data Management. Your staff will have so much less to be concerned with!

Think about how much time and stress you will spare in hiring a class action lawsuit administration team for your Delaware court case. When the mailing and printing is handled by us, you need not worry over the distribution of alerts and notices—we take care of all of that. You will not even have to spend time thinking about whether or not all potential plaintiffs have been notified and/or up to speed with proceedings—we make sure all the proper documentation gets to them. Your efforts will be spent on all concerns regarding the pending court action itself, not the documentation or class action lawsuit administration.

If you burden yourself and your staff with the administrative tasks, wouldn’t that work against the overall effectiveness of presenting or defending your case? Class actions are still widely popular after their initial boom. As such, it is of paramount importance that you have the very best class action lawsuit administration team on your side. The benefits of a superior service provider such as ours on your side will bolster work-flow, improve the overall quality and reduce the costs you face—especially regarding administration.

Utilizing cutting edge and altogether common in play (but not so much in the world of legality) technologies to enhance and make more efficient the class action lawsuit administration tasks, RDM utilizes a set of skilled experts who specialize in workflow technology, who study the execution of these systems to develop more efficient means of performing tasks.

The most efficient processes are not always integrated into the administrators work flow. In large firms there are two most likely causes—negative cost to benefit ratio and incorporation challenges. When additional or unexpected costs become necessary (think ditching paper for digital technology), the administrator must effectively stop administrating, another task on their plate, to weigh the value of these additional costs to create and execute the more efficient technologies into the work flow versus increased financial benefits. Those benefits added on will not be greater than the costs unless external considerations are also looked at.

Not being efficient enough can cost you a pretty penny—administrative tasks adding to cost potentially 25% of the whole when low quality processes are in place. With advances in technology and automation, administration costs can be reduced by as much as 85%–simply by using the right technology, without cutting any of the information’s accuracy, completeness, or integrity.

Want to make the process more efficient? We can help with your class action lawsuit administration needs in Delaware. Give us a call at (215) 953-5175 or Request a Free Analysis.

The Benefits of Hiring a Document Scanning Service

Thinking about whether a document scanning service is right for you? Maybe your business wants to convert all of those paper records to digital and does not want to bring in an additional employee to do all of the scanning? Resource Data Management offers a document scanning service as well as countless other options to help your business run more efficiently (EMR/HER Services, Records Management, Back Office Solutions, among others).

A document scanning service can help your Trenton business save office space—the more space available in your office or commercial property the better! Then there is the friend to the environment angle. Less paper used, less trees abused. Once complete with our scanning services, we can store this paperwork for you offsite or you are free to be rid of it all as you wish. Shredding being an option, recycling being another.

If your office is in the medical field, bringing in our document scanning service can also help you adhere to those strict state and federal regulations, such as HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act, among others. Your Trenton business would benefit from our document scanning service simply by helping you avoid those costly fines that you could run into for not following those state and federal regulations, and being caught in so doing.

When you outsource to a document scanning service, you are saving yourself time and hassle. Resource Data Management is one of the best in the Trenton area when it comes to efficiently, quickly and accurately scanning all of your paper documents. All of our document scanning services are safe and secure. In hiring us as your document scanning service, you may rest assured that all of your attention is focused can be placed upon the running of your Trenton area business, customers and employees.

If you would like more information, a free quote or any additional information on the document sanncing service that is offered by Resource Data Management to Trenton area businesses like yours, give us a call at (215) 953-5175 or contact us.


The Benefits of Off-Site Medical Records Storage

A patient’s medical records are bits of delicate, private, sensitive information. Laws require it and any individual patient deserves the utmost in care and respect for their personal medical data. Many offices still operate under an at least partial paper system, or simply have a room of aged archive. In this the digital age, converting paper records to electronic is an all-encompassing and time consuming task—it simply may not be within your offices’ budget and resources to make this conversion swiftly.

Then there is the matter of medical records consuming a massive amount of space in your office. Filing cabinets, filing-wheeled-moving-wall contraptions occupy an area that could be filled with a couple more desks for your administrative team or could well be taken a couple of more patient rooms.

Resource Data Management (RDM) offers off-site medical records storage throughout Delaware, giving you the opportunity to declutter your office. In addition to off-site storage, RDM offers rapid document retrieval (within four hours or next business day), immediate access to your information (24/7, 365), secure document shredding and scan On Demand Services.

Secure document scanning and storage alleviates the stress and hassle that can come from proper on-site medical record storage. Our professional team knows how to handle your medical records so there are no data breaches. Our team knows how to accurately and thoroughly scan those records, and we know all of the rules that dictate how long those records should be stored.

You can rest easy knowing your office’s medical records are in our hands. We can even help you get the right kind of imaging software so any time your office needs to access your records, they are available to you within a few simple mouse clicks and commands.

There are plenty of advantages your office will enjoy when you hire us for our medical record storage services.

  • You could save space in your office. Large filing cabinets and other storage units will be a thing of the past.
  • You could save money on printing supplies like paper, ink and printer parts.
  • You could save time because accessing your patients’ medical records will be easier and faster: no more time spent rifling through files and other documents to get the records and information you need.
  • Your staff will not have to spend as much time filing or trying to find the records and charts they need.

To find out how RDM’s Document Storage Services can help your DE, NJ and/or southeastern PA business in medical records storage, request your Free Records Management Analysis Today. One of our Solutions Consultants will be glad to discuss your requirements and provide you with a cost-effective quote for outsourcing your paper storage and reclaiming your space. Feel free to contact us or call at 215-953-5175.

FAQs about EMR Scanning

resource data management emr scaning readingResource Data Management offers EMR scanning for Reading medical practices and offices. Throughout our years in business, we’ve heard many different questions about our EMR scanning process, its benefits and all it entails. Here are a few of the questions we hear the most and our typical responses.

Q: What are some of the benefits of hiring you for your EMR scanning services?

A: When you hire us for our EMR scanning services, you and your employees will enjoy many different benefits. Your office will save money on paper and printing supplies, and your office will also save space since you will not have to store most of your records on-site in your office anymore. That space can be used for other purposes! Not only that, your office staff will have an easier time finding the EMR they need, and your patients might enjoy shorter waiting times.

Q: Why should I hire you over your competition?

A: Resource Data Management prides itself on our secure chain of command. From the moment we receive your records and other documents for scanning, you will never have to worry that they fall into the wrong hands. All of our employees are well-trained on how to make sure these records stay confidential. After the EMR scanning process is done, the electronic records will be stored securely and the only people who will be able to access them are you and the staff members you designate.

Q: How do I know these records will stay secure and confidential?

A: As we mentioned, our staff members all know how to safely and securely handle your records. We can help you choose the best type of imaging software for your office’s wants and needs.

These are just a few of the questions we hear the most about EMR scanning. Of course, we are always happy to answer any other questions you have about this process and how we make sure your records are always safe and confidential. After all, we understand that you already have a lot on your plate! The security and confidentiality of your medical office’s records should not be a concern for you, and it won’t be when you hire Resource Data Management.

For more information on EMR scanning in Reading or the surrounding areas, call Resource Data Management at 215-953-5175, or you can contact us and set up your Free Records Management Analysis.

Improve Efficiency with Electronic Medical Records Scanning

electronic medical records scanning pa resource data managementElectronic medical records scanning at your PA office can drastically increase efficiency. If you’re worried about how to implement a new scanning procedure, it’s good that you’re looking into it further. After all, you’ve probably collected information and data from your patients the same way for several years, and you’ve probably stored this information and data the same way for just as long.

Hiring an electronic medical records scanning service like Resource Data Management means you will still have to collect this information and data from your patients, but the way you store this information will be different. Our service will handle the scanning and storage of your important documents, and we will make sure it is all available for you to access whenever you need to get it. We can even help make sure you get the right document imaging software for your needs. The software will not be difficult to learn how to use either. Your office staff will not have to worry about hours and hours of training on these new procedures.

Of course, you will see savings on your printing supplies like ink and paper, and you might not even have to have your printer serviced as much as you used to (since you’re not using it as much as you used to). You will probably see some savings there as well (both time and money).

When it comes to getting the records for your patients, your staff will not have to spend as much time digging around filing cabinets and trying to find what they need. This could help streamline your office and make patient waiting time decrease. This could also lead to happier patients since their time in the waiting room will be minimized – which is always welcomed when your patients aren’t feeling their best for one reason or another!

Finally, saving space also means your medical office will have more room for other, more necessary equipment or you might be able to use that space for additional desks for new employees or staff members.

These are just a handful of ways that electronic medical records scanning can help improve efficiency in your office!

Are you interested in getting more information on electronic medical records scanning in PA? Call us at Resource Data Management at 215-953-5175, or you can contact us and set up your Free Records Management Analysis.