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Improve Business Security with Records Management

Security continues to be the number one priority of any business. Whether you are an accountant, run a large medical facility or small legal office, you likely understand the need to securely store your documents. However, with such a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to do so. With a document scanning and records management service, you no longer need to worry about whether or not you put that file away or if you remembered to lock the filing cabinet. When you need records management in Delaware, trust only the professionals to keep your confidential records and documents safe from security breach. But how does one know when a records management service is needed? And, what does one look for in a records management company? Here are a few tips from our experts:


Things to consider

Data is multiplied at an astonishing pace every day. With so much information flying around, records can be easily lost or stolen. When it comes to storing your own documents, there are many challenges to consider:

  • You must provide efficient access to records
  • Ensure data recovery
  • Provide secure space for storing files
  • Track and locate information

No wonder many businesses become overwhelmed trying to meet these many demands. With an expert record management company such as RDM, you can leave it up to the professionals to handle all of these aspects so you don’t have to.

What to look for

The right records management company provides safe, secure, expertly managed services and keeps important business documents safe. In addition to offering offsite space for protecting private, sensitive information, record management should also enable a more efficient, systematic approach for managing documents. Your company should also notify you when it’s time to destroy your confidential documents. Rather than just putting the files on the shelf and forgetting them, your document management company should serve as a true partner in managing your records retention lifecycle. The right company can help with the following services:

  • Electronic access to hard-copy files
  • Data rotation
  • Secure document shredding

You should never have to worry that your files have found themselves in the wrong hands or that your confidential records are being seen by someone who shouldn’t be seeing them.

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Switch to Electronic Health Records or Continue to Pay the Price

Well past that 2014 deadline to convert to electronic health records, medical offices that have not yet complied are faced an annual loss of 1% of all Medicare reimbursements. As of 2016, if you have not made the conversion, you face a 2% annual penalty, this moving to 3% in 2017. You get the idea.

Your office will only continue to lose these reimbursements until it switches over to electronic health records. New Jersey medical offices trust Resource Data Management for all of their document scanning needs.

Why keep giving your hard-earned cash to the government? You are entitled to all of the money your office generates. Sure, digital conversion is difficult and time-consuming but having that task outsourced to a company like RDM single-handedly eliminates the annoyance. We do the conversion, you ultimately have the electronic health records at your digital fingertips.

Electronic Medical Health Records

Here are a few of our favorite facts about electronic health records.

  • 55% percent of physicians enforced electronic health records in their office by 2011.
  • 99% of physicians would pursue or are already trying to get mobile electronic health records.
  • In a 2012 survey, 60% of physicians said that they think better patient care outweighs the costs of having an electronic health records system in place.
  • Some doctors cite a lack of incentives, privacy concerns and challenges in selecting a vendor as the reasons they have not yet adopted electronic health records.
  • Almost 50% of physicians are comfortable with their office’s or hospital’s budget for electronic health records.
  • Physicians who still use paper health records can only spend about 30 to 40 hours directly caring for patients because of the paperwork burden as well as other menial administrative duties they have to take care of.
  • Most physicians see about 50 to 99 patients a week. How many more patients could be fit in by eliminating paper?
  • Over the course of two years (2011- 2012), bonuses were given to over 55,000 physicians for their meaningful utilization of electronic health records.
  • Roughly 75% of electronic health records adopters advise that their new electronic health records system ended up enhancing patient care.

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Electronic Medical Records Scanning Keeps Your Staff Busy Otherwise

Should you find yourself an administrator in the realms of the medical industry, it is not newsworthy that converting paper records to digital ones is a difficult process. It is an incredibly daunting task to convert the potential 1000s of records in possession of your office to digital files. The benefits of the act are exponential but carrying the job out is very time consuming and mundane. Resource Data Management performs electronic medical records scanning in Reading and other local burgs to take the burden out of the hands of your office staff, who, in all likelihood, can easily otherwise occupy the time in their workday. We provide Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Services to all sorts of medical offices, clinics, hospitals and more!

 When you make the choice to outsource your electronic medical records scanning work you effectively begin the effort to improve the overall efficiency of your Reading area office. It is likely that the productivity of your staff will increase greatly by simply relieving the current staff members handling those tasks of those duties. Whoever was getting that job done will no longer spend the day scanning. Think about all of the time it takes leading up to when the actual scanning takes place, getting things organized. The amount of productive time lost to related tasks like the categorization and indexing of the records can now be put to better use. A process that can single-handedly bog an office down, our electronic medical records scanning services can be custom-designed or catered to your office!

 There will likely also be an upswing in the productivity of your medical staff, over time. The once paper documents, having run through the electronic medical records scanning process are now accessed in just a few clicks, rather than following a walk, locating the proper rack or filing cabinet, thumbing through folders, and so on. You will find your digital documents are easy to find and utilize via the computer network. Doctors and nurses will spend less time writing notes, and more time interacting with patients. These EMR/ EHR documents can be shared between offices and hospitals in the Reading and beyond. Transferring files will be nowhere the annoyance that moving paper versions of the same once were. These documents help to streamline the whole process and make things easier on everyone.

Don’t put if off any longer! Get started with our electronic medical records scanning services assisting Reading medical offices today at 215-953-5175 or Fill out Our Online Form.

The Benefits of Document Storage to Businesses

The digital revolution—now the way and not just under way—has brought with it a more efficient means of doing business as far as documentation is concerned. Scanners, email, text, even PDFs all have opened the floodgates towards the gradual and systematic elimination and dependency on paper for offices. Paper not being so very cheap and also a burden to the environment at large can be eliminated from your office, as you know it with regard to documentation and document storage.

There are a wide array of potential benefits provided by the existence of digital documents. A pointed question does arise. How does a business store their digital documents? Printing and storing them does not eliminate the problem but, in essence, enhances the existence of already existing issues, such as physical storage space. A rather good solution is document storage for Wilmington area customers. Going this route, you will not be killing trees but would have documents stored safely, securely and digitally with access to them as you need.

Your documents, stored digitally, are held off-site. Some of the benefits of going this direction are quick document retrieval (within four hours or next business day), provide immediate access to your information 24/7-365, secure document shredding and even on demand scanning services. Space is freed up within your office as those gigantic filing cabinets can now go, creating a more open and free environment in which your employees can roam. In all reality, you no longer have to buy paper for these purposes.

With costs on digital document storage falling drastically over the past several years, it has become affordable for the smallest of businesses to make this conversion and storage option happen. Document storage saves you money as your documents are sent off-site, allowing you to make better use of your office space and your time. Your staff no longer gets overwhelmed by paperwork.

Resource Data Management (RDM) protects your documents in an alarm-protected, highly-secured storage facility. RDM offers up a flexible, full service level agreement. We will be in contact, we will be reachable. Our document storage abilities are part of a potential, overall, comprehensive records management strategy but can easily exist as a stand-alone service that a business can pursue.

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Class Acts Administer Your Class Action Lawsuit

If you are readying for battle in the form of a defense against a class action lawsuit, or if you plan on filing one, you will have a lot of things to do, many administrative tasks that need handling. Someone will have to get the case together, someone else (or you) gets the court appearances, notifying potential plaintiffs and on and on and on. Options for help, thankfully, do exist. You may outsource all printing and mailing needs to Resource Data Management. Your staff will have so much less to be concerned with!

Think about how much time and stress you will spare in hiring a class action lawsuit administration team for your Delaware court case. When the mailing and printing is handled by us, you need not worry over the distribution of alerts and notices—we take care of all of that. You will not even have to spend time thinking about whether or not all potential plaintiffs have been notified and/or up to speed with proceedings—we make sure all the proper documentation gets to them. Your efforts will be spent on all concerns regarding the pending court action itself, not the documentation or class action lawsuit administration.

If you burden yourself and your staff with the administrative tasks, wouldn’t that work against the overall effectiveness of presenting or defending your case? Class actions are still widely popular after their initial boom. As such, it is of paramount importance that you have the very best class action lawsuit administration team on your side. The benefits of a superior service provider such as ours on your side will bolster work-flow, improve the overall quality and reduce the costs you face—especially regarding administration.

Utilizing cutting edge and altogether common in play (but not so much in the world of legality) technologies to enhance and make more efficient the class action lawsuit administration tasks, RDM utilizes a set of skilled experts who specialize in workflow technology, who study the execution of these systems to develop more efficient means of performing tasks.

The most efficient processes are not always integrated into the administrators work flow. In large firms there are two most likely causes—negative cost to benefit ratio and incorporation challenges. When additional or unexpected costs become necessary (think ditching paper for digital technology), the administrator must effectively stop administrating, another task on their plate, to weigh the value of these additional costs to create and execute the more efficient technologies into the work flow versus increased financial benefits. Those benefits added on will not be greater than the costs unless external considerations are also looked at.

Not being efficient enough can cost you a pretty penny—administrative tasks adding to cost potentially 25% of the whole when low quality processes are in place. With advances in technology and automation, administration costs can be reduced by as much as 85%–simply by using the right technology, without cutting any of the information’s accuracy, completeness, or integrity.

Want to make the process more efficient? We can help with your class action lawsuit administration needs in Delaware. Give us a call at (215) 953-5175 or Request a Free Analysis.