Cloud Storage

As part of our records management services, we also offer cloud storage solutions. Cloud storage has opened up a new way of doing business by providing remote data storage that can be accessed anywhere via the Internet. Digital files and media can easily be stored in a cloud system, eliminating the need for onsite servers.

The cloud system involves offsite servers that are managed by a hosting company which sells or rents the space. Rather that storing files on a personal device, the files can be saved in cloud storage and accessed from multiple devices.

Businesses especially benefit from cloud storage since files can be retrieved from virtually anywhere, multiple people can have access, and information can be archived.

Other benefits of cloud storage include:

  • Increased security – hosting companies take vital steps to keep data secure
  • Easy file sharing – files are accessible to anyone with a login
  • Disaster protection – servers are backed up often
  • Reduced maintenance costs – you don’t have to pay for server maintenance or energy use
Cloud storage allows you to access your data remotely anywhere on the Internet.

Cloud-Based Solutions from RDM

When it comes to helping with your cloud storage needs, you can count on RDM! Most businesses prefer to set up and buy their own cloud storage. However, if you need help with this process, we can definitely assist you or set you up with a data center provider. Whatever cloud storage system you choose, RDM tailors our services to fit and make your cloud storage system as efficient as possible.

For instance, when we provide document scanning, we scan the documents and send it to you in the proper format along with index fields to upload to your cloud or document management system. The index fields make it easy to search for documents.

Whatever questions you have regarding cloud-based solutions for your business, RDM is here to help!

To learn more about our cloud storage services, simply give us a call at 215-953-5175 or contact us.