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Electronic Medical Records: Opening New Lines of Communication

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) provide doctors and other healthcare professionals with an easy way to access a patient’s medical records. It’s the same vital information, just enhanced. By switching over to an EMR system, new lines of communication are opened. Healthcare professionals and patients have a whole new way of interacting. If you need record scanning services in Harrisburg, Reading or Philadelphia, look no further: the team at Resource Data Management can help you scan and manage your documents.

Between Professionals

Doctors can more easily communicate with other professionals throughout the office by using EMRs. It is also easy to capture data and leave notes with this electronic system. It is also easier for doctors to look back on their own notes from visit to visit. Different healthcare professionals can have access to the records. By working together, an even more complete health record can be compiled.

Between Professionals & Patients

It has been reported EMRs can enhance patient engagement. With a more efficient way of taking notes, patients feel as though they are really being listened to. Their comments can be captured in a more meaningful way and be recalled at a later date and time. Also, depending on the system you opt for, patients may have access to the EMRs even when they’re not in the office. This allows them to review them at their leisure.

Between Facilities

There are stronger lines of communication open between healthcare facilities, depending on the system they chose. With EMRs, the records can easily transfer between departments in the same facility. With some systems, those records can even be exported to other offices and specialists. This convenient transferring method makes it easy for facilities to gather comprehensive information on one patient.

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Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records: What’s the Difference?

In your office, you may use the terms “electronic medical records” and “electronic health records” interchangeably. We can’t blame you for that. There is only one letter difference in their acronyms. But, did you know there actually some substantial differences in the two terms? When you’re seeking out a professional company who provides EMR/ EHR scanning services, it is important to note the differences. For those offices located near Philadelphia or Trenton, electronic medical record scanning may be enough for you, but you may also want to explore electronic health records, once you know the difference.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

EMRs are just a digital version of a hardcopy patient record. They are used to record data and findings about patients at each appointment. They are used to keep track of vital information that doctors may need to know for the future.

An EMR is handy because it’s digital, which allows for more intense tracking as opposed to a paper record. It allows medical professionals to monitor their patient on a whole new level. They can easily see trends over time with an EMR. They can also keep track of when appointments and checkups need to be scheduled.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

EHRs are capable of everything we discussed about EMRs and more. They are able to track patient information, but goes beyond that by sharing that information. EHRs are designed to share patient information with necessary parties outside the institution that initially gathered it.

This is useful in situations where multiple healthcare professionals are involved with one patient. For example, if laboratories and specialists become involved in a patient’s healthcare, this one version of the medical record can be transferred between all of them. They are designed to center on the overall health of a patient.

Now that you can see the difference between the two, you may prefer one over the other for your own needs.

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Providing Delaware Valley’s Medical Industry with EMR/ EHR Services

If you are in the medical industry in the Delaware Valley, we don’t have to explain to you what a monumental task digital file conversion can be. We’re guessing you’d have a few choice words to share with us on the subject, given the opportunity. What if we, at Resource Data Management, told you it didn’t have to be such a huge undertaking? Take the weight of this daunting task off yourself and your employees, and get back to what you do best! We provide Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Services to all types of doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals and more! For residents of the Delaware Valley, EMR/ EHR services are readily available.

Increased Office Staff Productivity

Outsourcing your EMR/EHR document scanning to us can improve your Delaware Valley office in many ways. You can increase productivity by relieving those dedicated to digitizing your records. Your office staff, or whoever you had scanning documents, will no longer need to spend long hours by the scanner. The amount of time lost by categorizing and indexing will now be able to be used for more pressing matters. We know this process can bog you down! We created our services especially to cater to offices and hospitals like yours!

Increased Medical Professional Productivity

You will also be able to increase the productivity of your medical staff, in the long run. EMR/ EHR documents are quick and easy to access. No need for flipping through cumbersome charts anymore! These documents are easy to pull up on a computer and navigate. Doctors and nurses will spend less time writing notes, and more time interacting with patients. These EMR/ EHR documents can be shared between offices and hospitals in the Delaware Valley, so transferring files does not have to be the chore it once was. These documents help to streamline the whole process and make things easier on everyone.

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The Need for Delaware Document Scanning for Centralized Administration

Nothing is more critical to Delaware businesses than efficiency. When efficiency strategies are introduced on a business-wide basis, the result is often “getting more with less.” The quest for such gains is reflected favorably by centralized administration.

Many Delaware businesses that utilized these strategies report processing improvement due to specialization, reduced labor costs, faster turnaround times and enhanced relations between client and supplier. However, in order to support the centralized administration structure, information supporting each process is critical. And businesses using or wishing to switch to a centralized administration approach have found document scanning to be a great help.

Professional document scanning companies have many different services that support workflows enabling a business to administer through a central chain of command. These services include things like forward scanning, a process that allows documents to be transferred via PO Box systems. The benefit to such a system is that documents received from multiple locations are scanned prior to the electronic copy being forwarded to the company’s centralized administration. Thus, workers are able to work based on digital information and eliminate the need for paper handling, as all digital images will be stored in various databases.

Another process that plays a big role in centralized administration is archive scanning. This plays a big role by digitizing documents used during each business process. The electronic documents can then be added to the company’s knowledge base so a complete paper trail can be retrieved instantly.

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Don’t let your Class Action Suit be Inefficient

As class actions continue to be filed, it’s important you have the best class action service provider on your side. Having a quality provider on your team can improve work flow, enhance quality and reduce costs, especially in administration.

Inefficiency causes

There are many reasons the most efficient processes are not integrated into the administrators work flow. However, in larger firms, two likely causes are negative cost-benefit ratio and incorporation challenges. When the administrator weights additional costs necessary to create and execute more efficient technologies (i.e. getting away from paper-based claim forms) into the work flow against increased financial benefits, the added benefits won’t be greater than costs unless external considerations are also looked at.

Another reason is the need for a set of skills necessary for work flow/technology experts to execute systems to develop new efficiencies. Without these uniquely skilled experts, integration opportunities can be overlooked and/or underutilized.

Inefficiency costs

The costs can be substantial. Administration costs can be increased by as much as 25% when extremely inefficient processes are utilized, but by increasing efficiency, costs can be reduced by 5-10% on average. Thanks to available technologies and advances in automation, certain costs can be reduced by as much as 85% without causing any reduction in the information’s integrity, accuracy and completeness.

Implementing efficiency

One of the first steps that can be done is to look for opportunities to replace personnel with technology. For example, file reviewers: once entered into the database, the system can easily review data for missing and/or incorrect information and date discrepancies, values and duplications. Automation technology can take care of repetitive tasks, like file label printing and settlement calculations.

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