Microfilm and Microfiche in the Digital Age

Microfilm and microfiche have their place in history. They were at one time a good way to record and store company information. However, if you find that you have drawers and drawers full of information that you can no longer access but want to preserve; we can help. Here at Resource Data Management, we offer microfiche conversion for Reading PA and the surrounding areas and can help you bring your stored information into the 21st century. No longer worry about losing valuable information. Our scanning solutions will preserve your history! Here’s how:

microfiche conversion

In many instances, old rolls of microfiche are not easily accessible and cannot be shared between various people within the organization. When you hire the experts at RDM, we will scan and index the Film or Fiche with keywords or index values, to help users to quickly locate and access the data for which they are looking. Once scanned and indexed, we convert the images into a number of popular image formats, including TIFF or PDF. Just like microfilm, converting these images into current formats make them instantly available, either from your document management system.

As time passes, the equipment, known as a Microfilm or Microfiche Reader, used to search for data on these rolls is damaged or unavailable, making access to the information nearly impossible. Microfiche conversion allows your employees to not only access documents more easily, but in some cases; it allows them to access them for the first time. Many employees these days are no longer trained or able to use most of the old machinery needed to access information on a microfiche and are unfamiliar with microfiche in general. This is another reason microfiche conversion is necessary.

With microfiche conversion you can provide your business with advanced document retention capabilities, which are perfect for legacy files including personnel records, payroll, tax records or old blueprints. The documents become instantly available to the appropriate staff.

In short, when you provide immediate access to information that was once stored on Microfilm or Microfiche, your organization will be better equipped for today’s market.

There are so many great reasons to schedule microfiche scanning for your unique business. To learn more about microfiche conversion for your Reading PA area business or if you have questions about implementing microfiche conversion for your business, please give us a call at 215-953-5175 or Contact Us. We serve not only Reading but the entire surrounding tri-state area.