Microfiche Conversion Reading PA

Do you have old, outdated microfilm or microfiche cluttering your office? These cumbersome files are difficult to access, too dated to share and near impossible to safeguard against theft. While at one time they may have been a great way to store information, by today’s standards, microfiche is best handled by converting that information into digital files.

While microfilm records may still be important to have available, they can often be a challenge to use and review. At Resource Data Management we understand that many companies still have important documents and company information stored on microfilm and similar formats. That’s why we are here to offer microfiche conversion to your Reading PA business. Our experts can help you convert those files into a format that is easily retrievable and accessible to more people.

Are you ready to get started? Don’t put of your microfiche conversion any longer! Contact the professionals at RDM today so we can tell you more about it and even offer you a free analysis and estimate.

Microfiche Conversion from RDM

As the demand for immediate, shared access to information increases, RDM offers clients an easy, outsourced method of changing this legacy information to TIF or PDF images. We help clients convert rolls of Microfilm and Microfiche jackets to images on CD, DVD or online. When you contact our microfiche conversion experts we will make a plan to safely and efficiently convert your rolls of Microfilm and Microfiche.

By providing immediate access to information that was once stored on Microfilm or Microfiche, organizations are better equipped to address the needs of their end-user communities. Information can be searched and retrieved in seconds, without needing any specialized equipment. Rather than spending time searching through boxes of microfilm canisters, then working through slide after slide of images, you can easily pull the file on your computer. No more digging in boxes or file cabinets to access important information or company history. Simply type in the file name, and in moments you can view the information.

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