Switching to EMR: Importance and Penalties

Time’s almost up! Is your office ready for the switch to electronic medical records (EMR)? Are all of your paper files scanned and ready to go? If not, you’d better hurry because we are coming down to the wire. Resource Data Management can help with your EMR scanning in Harrisburg, and here are a few reasons you should hire us to start this process sooner rather than later.

The deadline to switch to EMR is 2015. That means if your office’s medical records are not fully digital by 2015, your Medicare reimbursements will be reduced by 1%. This reduction increases by 1% for every year after that, up to 95%.

Meeting this deadline will be tough for a lot of practices and smaller hospitals out there. Plus, EMR scanning and then training employees on how to use the new systems can take several months. It is best to get started as soon as possible, considering the deadline is looming and will be here before you know it.

Other perks of EMR scanning include fewer filing errors. EMR scanning means you will always have a back up of patient files, and there is less of a chance you will lose this valuable information. Plus, in the long run, EMR scanning also means your office will save money on paper, ink and other physical components of a patient’s EMR. And because everything is computerized, there is a lot less paperwork to deal with, which will make your staff members very happy!

And probably the biggest benefit of EMR scanning is fewer prescription drug errors. Prescriptions will be sent to pharmacies electronically, so there is no chance that someone could misread a physician’s handwriting or misunderstand the dosage. The prescription can be compared to a patient’s medical history to ensure the patient is getting the correct medicine and not one he or she is allergic to.

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