Frequently Asked Questions about Document Storage

As a company that offers document storage to Delaware businesses, we are often asked the same questions about our services and how they can benefit business owners and managers. Here are a few of the ones we hear the most frequently and our responses to them.

Q: I’m worried about how I’ll access my documents after they’ve been put into document storage. How can I still get my files and documents when I need them?

A: Your documents and files will still be readily available to you after you have hired us for our document storage services. You will have access to them any time you need them. We can assist you in purchasing the best imaging software for your needs. And we can also discuss other options with you.

Q: I have a scanner at my office. Why should I hire you to scan and store my documents?

A: Sure, there are plenty of scanners on the market. But our scanners are commercial grade and high speed, which means not only are the documents scanned at a faster rate, but they are also a higher quality scans. Plus, we have people in place who watch every scanner to ensure each page gets scanned properly and clearly. So our document storage and scanning services are probably faster and more accurate than what you could do at your office.

Q: Can I still keep my paper files and documents even after I’ve hired you for document storage?

A: Of course. They are your documents. But you can easily get rid of the paper when you are ready. You will see that our document storage services are quick, confidential and accurate. So you might decide that going completely paperless is your best bet.

Q: What sets your document storage services apart from the competition?

A: Simply put, it’s our attention to detail and our accuracy. Plus, we make sure that all of the documents in our document storage are secure and confidential. We want our clients to rest easy knowing their documents are safe from the threat of a data breach. We realize that a lot of these records are meant to be fully confidential, and we want everyone who hires us for document storage to have the peace of mind that they deserve knowing their files and data are safe.

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