Backfile Scanning New Jersey

Are you buried under a mountain of paper documents in your office? Are your filing cabinets overflowing with old records that you seldom use but are required to retain? Those days are now a thing of the past! If you find yourself overwhelmed by paper documents, consider our backfile scanning services. Here at Resource Data Management, we offer backfile scanning solutions to New Jersey businesses to assist with their record management needs.

When you opt for Resource Data Management’s backfile scanning services, you receive more than just scanning. We also provide top-notch record management systems. We ensure that you have easy access to all your documents without the need for physical storage space. When you require a specific file, you can effortlessly retrieve it using our imaging software on your computer.

document being placed on a scanner

Uncertain about which imaging software to select or how to use it? No worries! At Resource Data Management, we can guide you toward achieving your goal of a completely paperless office. Embrace the advantages of the digital age, including enhanced security (file backups and immunity to natural disasters that could destroy your sole copy) and freed-up space (no more need for physical file storage) that backfile scanning offers!

Are you eager to explore the world of backfile scanning further? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! We’re here to address any questions you may have about the process and discuss additional services we can provide.

RDM Backfile Scanning

Resource Data Management’s backfile scanning service is tailored to simplify your life. We offer you a personalized web interface that has been meticulously crafted for your specific business needs. With just a click, you can access payment, customer and invoice information right from your computer. We can even assist you in transitioning to an online payment portal to mitigate the security risks associated with leaving blank checks lying around.

Moreover, the efficiency of retrieving documents online, as opposed to rummaging through filing cabinets, is unmatched. Your employees will spend less time hunting for documents, allowing them to allocate more time to other aspects of their roles.

Our backfile scanning process encompasses the following steps:

  • Analyzing your existing document types and determining your preferred method of digital retrieval.
  • Gathering all the documents you wish to have scanned.
  • Scanning and indexing your files to ensure easy searchability.
  • Delivering your files in the format of your choice.
  • Returning the paper documents to you or retaining them for storage or disposal, in line with your business requirements.

Embracing the digital age is a breeze when you opt for Resource Data Management.

Learn More About Backfile Scanning

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