With the Current Situation, Is Your Accounts Payable Team Able to Keep Up?

It is common knowledge that the current situation is putting extra demand on businesses around the globe. It seems like everyone is affected one way or another by the pandemic; whether working from home or in the office. As time goes by and invoices pile up, the remote workforce is becoming more of a challenge than ever before, especially for accounts payable departments. It is becoming more and more difficult to get invoices out for proper review and approval in a safe and timely manner. Many understand that we are in difficult times however, some accounts payable staff are still struggling with getting invoices approved in antiquated systems. 

AP processing Reading PA

By utilizing an automated online accounts payable processing system like ours at Resource Data Management, organizations are able to manage the payables process much more efficiently than if they had to shuffle paper around. At RDM, we can help with AP processing for your Reading PA or surrounding area business. As a reputable document scanning and management company, we understand the challenges you face and offer a service to make your business all it needs to be. Thanks to WebDocs, we are able to simplify your accounts payable processing procedures. Not only can we make managing accounts payable procedures more efficient, but our approach is easy to implement and completely customizable based on need and workflow. Both vendors and users are able to receive notifications on the progress of their invoices and payments and can be set up for exporting data into invoices or line item data.

And, because our interface design stays up to date, it is simple to set up and begin using. Better yet, we can have your system implemented and ready in less than a month, so long as there are no unforeseen hurdles or desired enhancements.

By having everything in one place, it is easier for those who are given access to catalog and retrieve the information. Plus, you will have a digital trail of any changes – who authorized payments, what was authorized, when it was authorized and why the payment was made, or not.

Rather than each branch, division or work-at-home individual having a different way of doing things, using WebDocs for accounts payable processing practices means everyone is doing things the same way.

Ready to get started? At Resource Data Management, it is our goal to help you have the most efficient and effective AP processing system available for your business in Reading PA, or the surrounding tri-state area. If you have questions about implementing the WebDocs system in your company, please give us a call at 215-953-5175 or Contact Us.