Three Myths about Paperless Offices and Outsourced Document Scanning Services

In today’s digital age, more and more offices are starting to look into going paperless by hiring outsourced document scanning services. Philadelphia business owners trust Resource Data Management to safely and securely store all of their records and other important data. And after years in this business, there are not a lot of myths and half-truths we have not heard. Here are a few of the most common myths we hear about going paperless and an explanation about why the myth is not 100% accurate.

Myth: When your office goes paperless, it is all or nothing.

Fact: When you look into outsourced document scanning services like Resource Data Management, you might think that you have to go completely paperless. But this is not the case! You do not have to have us scan every single document that comes through your office. We can tailor our services to meet your needs.

Myth: Paperless is not as secure as hard copy files.

Fact: When you get a hard copy file, it probably passes through several different hands. It could then sit in a box or out on a desk for a few hours or a few days, where anyone could see it and have access to it. And even if you lock your files away, there is always a chance those files could be breached. Outsourced document scanning services like Resource Data Management use encryption and other secure measures to make sure that your documents and files are scanned and stored away securely so you do not have to worry about someone else having access to your files and other important data.

Myth: Going paperless does not save any time in the long run.

Fact: Going paperless means that, instead of spending time at your filing cabinet trying to find the information you need, you simply use imaging software to quickly search for the information or file you need. You do not have to flip through countless files and pieces of paper to find what you want. Plus, outsourced document scanning services can help with file organization. You do not have to worry about a file being misfiled or misplaced. All of the information you want and need is at your fingertips!

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