The Benefits of Off-Site Medical Records Storage

A patient’s medical records are bits of delicate, private, sensitive information. Laws require it and any individual patient deserves the utmost in care and respect for their personal medical data. Many offices still operate under an at least partial paper system, or simply have a room of aged archive. In this the digital age, converting paper records to electronic is an all-encompassing and time consuming task—it simply may not be within your offices’ budget and resources to make this conversion swiftly.

Then there is the matter of medical records consuming a massive amount of space in your office. Filing cabinets, filing-wheeled-moving-wall contraptions occupy an area that could be filled with a couple more desks for your administrative team or could well be taken a couple of more patient rooms.

Resource Data Management (RDM) offers off-site medical records storage throughout Delaware, giving you the opportunity to declutter your office. In addition to off-site storage, RDM offers rapid document retrieval (within four hours or next business day), immediate access to your information (24/7, 365), secure document shredding and scan On Demand Services.

Secure document scanning and storage alleviates the stress and hassle that can come from proper on-site medical record storage. Our professional team knows how to handle your medical records so there are no data breaches. Our team knows how to accurately and thoroughly scan those records, and we know all of the rules that dictate how long those records should be stored.

You can rest easy knowing your office’s medical records are in our hands. We can even help you get the right kind of imaging software so any time your office needs to access your records, they are available to you within a few simple mouse clicks and commands.

There are plenty of advantages your office will enjoy when you hire us for our medical record storage services.

  • You could save space in your office. Large filing cabinets and other storage units will be a thing of the past.
  • You could save money on printing supplies like paper, ink and printer parts.
  • You could save time because accessing your patients’ medical records will be easier and faster: no more time spent rifling through files and other documents to get the records and information you need.
  • Your staff will not have to spend as much time filing or trying to find the records and charts they need.

To find out how RDM’s Document Storage Services can help your DE, NJ and/or southeastern PA business in medical records storage, request your Free Records Management Analysis Today. One of our Solutions Consultants will be glad to discuss your requirements and provide you with a cost-effective quote for outsourcing your paper storage and reclaiming your space. Feel free to contact us or call at 215-953-5175.