Switch to Electronic Health Records or Continue to Pay the Price

Well past that 2014 deadline to convert to electronic health records, medical offices that have not yet complied are faced an annual loss of 1% of all Medicare reimbursements. As of 2016, if you have not made the conversion, you face a 2% annual penalty, this moving to 3% in 2017. You get the idea.

Your office will only continue to lose these reimbursements until it switches over to electronic health records. New Jersey medical offices trust Resource Data Management for all of their document scanning needs.

Why keep giving your hard-earned cash to the government? You are entitled to all of the money your office generates. Sure, digital conversion is difficult and time-consuming but having that task outsourced to a company like RDM single-handedly eliminates the annoyance. We do the conversion, you ultimately have the electronic health records at your digital fingertips.

Electronic Medical Health Records

Here are a few of our favorite facts about electronic health records.

  • 55% percent of physicians enforced electronic health records in their office by 2011.
  • 99% of physicians would pursue or are already trying to get mobile electronic health records.
  • In a 2012 survey, 60% of physicians said that they think better patient care outweighs the costs of having an electronic health records system in place.
  • Some doctors cite a lack of incentives, privacy concerns and challenges in selecting a vendor as the reasons they have not yet adopted electronic health records.
  • Almost 50% of physicians are comfortable with their office’s or hospital’s budget for electronic health records.
  • Physicians who still use paper health records can only spend about 30 to 40 hours directly caring for patients because of the paperwork burden as well as other menial administrative duties they have to take care of.
  • Most physicians see about 50 to 99 patients a week. How many more patients could be fit in by eliminating paper?
  • Over the course of two years (2011- 2012), bonuses were given to over 55,000 physicians for their meaningful utilization of electronic health records.
  • Roughly 75% of electronic health records adopters advise that their new electronic health records system ended up enhancing patient care.

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