Is Records Management Just for Large Businesses?

Simply put, records management is essential for all businesses large and small. Proper, professional Records management is there to provide a history of documents and decisions as well as to ensure continuity. These benefits apply to all companies and organizations, no matter the size; from the smallest operation to a Fortune 500. They even apply to individuals. As experts in records management for Trenton and the surrounding areas, we would like to tell you more about this essential service and how it can help your business no matter its size. 

Business Files

For one, all businesses must keep records no matter the size and scope. Aside from the Internal Revenue Service’s guidelines about keeping tax records, there are no set standards about how long you must keep business records. Many accountants and lawyers recommend keeping original business documents for seven years, as that’s the statute of limitations for many tax audits, lawsuits, and other possible claims. These types of suggestions for records management apply to both small and large businesses. 

Whatever the size of your business, it is important to keep in mind that records management is most effective if implemented organization-wide, rather than just within certain departments. Keeping records well organized helps companies protect institutional data as well as maintain evidence of activities, transactions, and more. An effective records management system can save money on storage as well as improve an organization’s efficiency, no matter its size. 

If you’re uncertain about whether or not you need records management, the short answer is that every business should have some type of records management system in place. Beginning a records management program does not need to be daunting. The key to the system will be the quality of your service. The professional company responsible for your records management should keep your records safe, secure and accessible. Here at RDM, we do just that.

At RDM, whatever the needs of your business, we provide document and records management solutions for businesses of all sizes throughout the area. We have a secure and climate-controlled storage facility where we store valuable business records for our clients.

In an economy that’s increasingly driven by technology, security, data maintenance, social media, and compliance, effective records management is crucial to your company’s success. To learn more about records management for your Trenton area business, call us at Resource Data Management at 215-953-5175, or you can contact us to get a Free Analysis. We serve the entire Mid-Atlantic region.