Microfiche Conversion New Jersey

RDM Inc Microfilm and Microfiche ScanningIf you have ever sat down with a box of microfiche and spent time looking for just the right information, then you know just how cumbersome this record keeping system can be! Sure, in times past, it was a great way to store information, but by today’s standards, microfiche is best handled by converting that information into digital files.

The RDM team understands your New Jersey company needs access to information on those old microfiche reels and is happy to help you convert those files into a format that is easily retrievable and accessible to more people. We will handle your records with care and ensure the information is stored securely. Better yet, by opting for microfiche conversion in New Jersey, you will have more storage room in your office area – for some companies this may even mean room for an extra office or break room!

Reasons to Implement Microfiche Conversion for Your New Jersey Company

Although microfiche records are typically quite stable and can last for decades if stored correctly, that doesn’t mean they are the most effective method of storage or efficient use of space for your company. In fact, there are several drawbacks to continuing the use of microfiche. Some of these disadvantages of microfiche include:

  • Lack of protection. Those microfiche rolls of company information can be easily lost or even stolen. Digitized information can have a series of privacy and protection actions installed.
  • Bad use of space. Microfiche storage space means less use of available space in your office. However, the cost of digital storage continues to get lower, making it the perfect alternative for file storage. Plus, if you have offices in several locations, the digital files can be accessed from anywhere rather needing to visit or contact the primary storage location.
  • Time is wasted. Digitized information can be found much faster, as the files can be indexed and easily searched. However, just because they are more easily accessed, it doesn’t mean that the information is not secure. The digitized info can be protected in a variety of ways.
  • Records can be lost. In the event of a disaster, records stored on microfiche will be destroyed, but digital storage will keep everything safe and secure.

Contact RDM for Your Microfiche Conversion Needs

Don’t put off the future any longer! Talk to RDM today to learn how we can convert those bulky microfiche records into digital files. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer all your questions and help you determine the next step for your office. Give us call at 215-953-5175 or fill out the form here.