Medical Records Management Trenton

Medical Records Management Trenton

Patients’ medical records contain crucial information for current and future healthcare needs, and as a medical professional, it is imperative to ethically manage these records with confidentiality. In the evolving landscape where electronic resources are replacing paper, many practices and clinics face the challenge of digitizing their legacy records. This is where Resource Data Management (RDM) steps in.

At RDM, we understand that the time-consuming task of digitizing paper medical records could divert your attention from providing the best treatment to your patients, which should always be the top priority. That’s why we offer medical records management services in Trenton.

When you choose RDM for your medical records management, we alleviate the burden of scanning all your legacy patient charts. Our experienced team of professionals possesses the knowledge and expertise to make the entire process seamless and efficient.

We recognize that as a practice, you bear the responsibility of maintaining patient data throughout its entire lifecycle – from the initial creation of a patient chart to ensuring proper destruction when the patient’s association with your practice concludes. At RDM, we have already implemented protocols for handling your most sensitive records, providing assurance that your medical records will be managed appropriately.

Give us a call today to discover more about how we can assist in managing your medical records, allowing you to focus on delivering excellent patient care.

RDM Medical Records Management

We prioritize staying abreast of all laws and regulations to effectively assist your office with medical record management needs. Our meticulous approach to medical record management involves eight comprehensive steps:

  1. Preparing Documents for Transport: Initial organization of documents scheduled for transportation to our scanning facility.
  2. Receipt of Documents: Safely receiving the documents at our facility.
  3. Document Preparation: Carefully preparing documents for the scanning process.
  4. Scanning: Utilizing advanced scanning technology for the digitization of documents.
  5. Quality Control: Conducting thorough checks to ensure accuracy, clarity, and legibility of each scanned document.
  6. Indexing: Organizing and categorizing digital documents for efficient retrieval.
  7. Importing Data into Electronic Medical Records System: Integrating the digitized data seamlessly into your Electronic Medical Records System.
  8. Inventorying Documents and Disposition: Creating a detailed inventory of documents and determining appropriate disposition.

We maintain a dedicated focus on the details, never compromising the quality of our work. Each document undergoes scrutiny to guarantee accurate and clear scans. Reach out to RDM today for a complimentary records management analysis.

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