Medical Records Management Philadelphia

Patient’s medical records document important patient information for current and future health care needs. This information is confidential, so as a medical professional you have an obligation to ethically manage medical records. As the world shifts towards electronic resources over paper, many practices and clinics are realizing what a large undertaking scanning all their legacy records will be. That’s where we come in.

Here at Resource Data Management (RDM) we understand that taking the time to digitize all your paper medical records could keep you from providing the best treatment to your patients which should always be your number one priority. That’s why we offer medical records management in Philadelphia.

When you choose RDM for your medical records management, we take the weight of scanning all your legacy patient charts off your shoulders. Our experienced team of professionals has experience and expertise, making the entire process easy and efficient.

Medical Records Management Philadelphia

We know that as a practice you accept responsibility for maintaining patient data throughout its entire lifecycle; from the first time you see the patient and create a chart to when the patient has moved on and you need to ensure their chart is properly destroyed to protect their information. Here at RDM we have already implemented protocols for your most sensitive records, so you can rest assured that your medical records will be handled properly.

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RDM Medical Records Management

We stay up to date on all laws and regulations so we can help your office with your medical record management needs. Our approach to medical record management is eight steps:

  1. Preparing of documents to be transported to our Production Scanning Facility
  2. Receipt of documents
  3. Document preparation
  4. Scanning
  5. Quality control
  6. Indexing
  7. Importing data into your Electronic Medical Records System
  8. Inventorying your documents and disposition

We manage and focus on the details and never make sacrifices to the quality of our work. We check each document to make sure that the scan is accurate, clear and legible. Call RDM today for a free records management analysis.

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