Medical Record Storage Trenton

Medical Record Storage Trenton

In this day and age, proper storage of your electronic medical records is imperative. Not only is this for patient confidentiality and security, but there are now many different laws and regulations that govern how to safely and securely store these records and how long the records need to be kept. Resource Data Management is well-versed in these guidelines because we offer medical record storage for Trenton medical offices and others.

We offer a secure document scanning and storage service that can alleviate a lot of the stress and hassle that comes from proper medical record storage. Our professional team knows how to handle your medical records so there are no data breaches or other issues. Our team knows how to accurately and thoroughly scan those records, and we know all of the rules that dictate how long those records should be stored too.

You can rest easy knowing your office’s medical records are in our hands. We can even help you get the right kind of imaging software so any time your office needs to access your records, they are available to you with a few simple mouse clicks and commands.

Call us to learn more and we can give you a free records management analysis. We can also answer any questions you have, and you can learn even more about all that our medical record storage and scanning service can do for you.

Professional Medical Record Storage

There are plenty of advantages your office will enjoy when you hire us for our medical record storage services.

  • You could save space in your office. Large filing cabinets and other storage units will be a thing of the past.
  • You could save money on printing supplies like paper, ink and printer parts.
  • You could save time because accessing your patients’ medical records will be easier and faster: no more time spent rifling through files and other documents to get the records and information you need.
  • Your staff will not have to spend as much time filing or trying to find the records and charts they need.

Call us and we can tell you even more reasons to look into medical record storage!

Pricing for Medical Records Scanning

Once you’ve decided to start your Medical Record Scanning project, it’s important to get an idea of how many total patient charts you will need to have scanned. Our pricing is in terms of price per page and includes all of the services relating to Medical Document Scanning. For most projects, our service prices are based on the total volume of pages to be scanned, the amount of preparation required and the number of index fields requested.

Consequently, every project is quoted on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested in getting a free quote for your Medical Record Conversion project, contact us by filling out our  short form on our Free Request page or by calling our solutions consultants at 215-953-5175.

Learn More about Medical Record Storage

If you would like more information on medical record storage in Trenton, call Resource Data Management at 215-953-5175, or you can contact us and set up your Free Records Management Analysis.