How to Streamline & Simplify Accounts Payable

How do you simplify accounts payable? It’s simple; outsource and automate. Here at Resource Data Management we specialize in accounts payable processing for Philadelphia and the entire Tri-State area and we are excited to tell you more about this wonderful, time saving service.

RDM Inc Accounts Payable Processing

For businesses looking to reduce costs, free up usable space and improve efficiency, automating labor-intensive and error-prone accounts payable processing should be a no-brainer. At some point, every growing business reaches a point where manual hard-copy invoicing becomes too inefficient to continue. That’s where the expertise of RDM accounts payable processing comes in. By moving to our automated accounts payable system you can lower costs, increase efficiency and promote productivity. Here’s how:

First of all, processing accounts payable manually is extremely time-consuming and prone to human error such as data entry error, invoice matching errors, and some other lost opportunities. Not so with automated accounts payable processing. Automating the entire AP process can minimize time spent on data entry and eliminate the need to reprocess invoices due to human error.

Why do errors happen in the first place? Some companies rely on the same process they used in the beginning when they were small but an office can become quickly overwhelmed as they grow. But with our accounts payable processing, we can help streamline AP to align better with your needs. Thanks to WebDocs, we are able to simplify your accounts payable processing procedures. Not only can we make managing accounts payable procedure more efficient, but our approach is easy to implement and completely customizable based on need and workflow.
By outsourcing your AP processing to RDM, you can enjoy many great benefits including:

  • Reduction in Processing Time
  • Audit Preparedness
  • Swift Adoption
  • Quick Implementation
  • Save on paper
  • Standardized Processes for interdepartmental synchronicity
  • And more

And, these are just some of the great benefits you can expect from RDM accounts payable processing. Ready to get stated? Contact RDM today! As a reputable document scanning and management company, we understand the challenges you face, and offer a service to make your business run more efficiently.

At Resource Data Management, it is our number one goal to help you have the most efficient and effective accounts payable processing system available for your business in Philadelphia or the surrounding tri-state area. If you have questions please give us a call at 215-953-5175 or Contact Us.