Getting the Facts on X-Ray Recycling

You likely already know it’s a good idea to recycle your facility’s old x-rays. But do you know why and where you should have them recycled? As experts in x-ray recycling for Reading PA and the entire tri-state area, we’ve gotten a few questions about it and how it works. That’s why we’d like to take some time to offer up the hard facts when it comes to x-ray recycling. And, if you have any additional questions about x-ray recycling, document storage or any of the other services we provide don’t hesitate to give us a call.

RDM Inc X-Ray Recycling

For one, medical x-rays contain a few types of information about the patient; information such as name, age and, of course, the current or previous medical condition of the patient. This is what HIPAA wants to protect patients from. It is common sense today that all patients are entitled to their privacy, that is why the rule puts the responsibility on the physician to make sure the medical records, including x-rays, are destroyed along with any type of patient information on it.

The guidelines for disposal of x-ray film states that proper care must be taken to destroy medical records and the destruction process must be secured. Here at RDM, we take this seriously and work to ensure a secure x-ray recycling process. 

Another reason for purging x-rays besides clearing space is for silver recovery. The x-rays do contain silver in various amounts, depending on the type of film. Facilities who have some amount of film usually would want to bring revenue from it in order to recover the film purging labor costs.

Here at RDM, we offer terminal systems and recirculating silver recovery with state-of-the-art equipment and unique systems to assist our customers in achieving environmental compliance.

Contact the professionals here at Resource Data Management and we can tell you all about the x-ray recycling process, how it works and how you can get started recycling your x-rays. The only thing no one can argue with is facts. During the long period of our activity in the x-ray recycling business, we have gained trust and a fantastic reputation for our dependability.

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