Electronic Medical Records: Opening New Lines of Communication

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) provide doctors and other healthcare professionals with an easy way to access a patient’s medical records. It’s the same vital information, just enhanced. By switching over to an EMR system, new lines of communication are opened. Healthcare professionals and patients have a whole new way of interacting. If you need record scanning services in Harrisburg, Reading or Philadelphia, look no further: the team at Resource Data Management can help you scan and manage your documents.

Between Professionals

Doctors can more easily communicate with other professionals throughout the office by using EMRs. It is also easy to capture data and leave notes with this electronic system. It is also easier for doctors to look back on their own notes from visit to visit. Different healthcare professionals can have access to the records. By working together, an even more complete health record can be compiled.

Between Professionals & Patients

It has been reported EMRs can enhance patient engagement. With a more efficient way of taking notes, patients feel as though they are really being listened to. Their comments can be captured in a more meaningful way and be recalled at a later date and time. Also, depending on the system you opt for, patients may have access to the EMRs even when they’re not in the office. This allows them to review them at their leisure.

Between Facilities

There are stronger lines of communication open between healthcare facilities, depending on the system they chose. With EMRs, the records can easily transfer between departments in the same facility. With some systems, those records can even be exported to other offices and specialists. This convenient transferring method makes it easy for facilities to gather comprehensive information on one patient.

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