Electronic Health Records Delaware

Electronic Health Records Delaware

Thanks to new technologies and innovations, the field of healthcare is always evolving. From advancements in healthcare methods to better ways to keep up with and manage health records, there is always something new to implement. One of the more recent changes in the way healthcare records are maintained is the adoption of electronic health records. Delaware healthcare facilities are realizing the benefits of keeping their records electronically.

Electronic health record (EHR) keeping is being used for a variety of reasons, perhaps the most obvious being it is easier for patient records to be passed on to new physicians or practices. Even better, is that using electronic health records meets the many requirements set by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Meeting this standard is perhaps one of the biggest draws for Delaware healthcare locations.

Benefits of Electronic Health Records

In addition to meeting the requirements of PPACA, there are many other reasons US healthcare facilities are making the switch to electronic health records.

  • Ease of Accessibility – Having files on a computer makes it much easier to transfer patient information on to another healthcare location. No more bulky packages to be sent via courier to a new physician, now simply send an email or perhaps a link to a specific electronic storage location and the information is accessed. In addition, EHRs mean that the patient has access to their medical information thus giving them a more active role in their healthcare.
  • Quicker Updates – Entering patient information is simpler thanks to software designed to make mistakes less likely.
  • Simplicity – Having electronic health records means that all of a patient’s medical history is stored in one place. This saves time and allows patients to receive care faster. In addition, as many patients see more than one doctor, it is easier for each physician to see what allergies, medications, treatments and procedures are in play and to then make better decisions regarding medications, surgery and follow-up treatments.
  • Environmentally Friendly – All of those file cabinets and shelving full of folders take up space in the office, plus represent a large amount of paper. Swapping to electronic record keeping will free up office space and use less paper too!
  • Ease of Sign Off for PAs and NPs – Although this differs from state to state, it is generally essential that a supervising physician sign off after a procedure. By using EHRs, any revisions and cosigning can happen electronically.
  • E-messaging – When messages and notes regarding a procedure need to be left, the caregiver can use the electronic health records software to leave information for others involved. In addition, EHR software will also notify patients of impending appointments and can often be designed to include any specific notes or information that patient needs prior to the appointment.

Electronic Health Records from Resource Data Management

Choosing to use electronic health records means your practice will be more efficient and your medical partners and the patients are better informed. This is a win-win for everyone involved.

To learn more about the value of electronic health records and to become a healthcare location that is doing its part to make medicine more effective and efficient, contact Resource Data Management today. We are here to help make your practice and record keeping methods even better.

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