Class Acts Administer Your Class Action Lawsuit

If you are readying for battle in the form of a defense against a class action lawsuit, or if you plan on filing one, you will have a lot of things to do, many administrative tasks that need handling. Someone will have to get the case together, someone else (or you) gets the court appearances, notifying potential plaintiffs and on and on and on. Options for help, thankfully, do exist. You may outsource all printing and mailing needs to Resource Data Management. Your staff will have so much less to be concerned with!

Think about how much time and stress you will spare in hiring a class action lawsuit administration team for your Delaware court case. When the mailing and printing is handled by us, you need not worry over the distribution of alerts and notices—we take care of all of that. You will not even have to spend time thinking about whether or not all potential plaintiffs have been notified and/or up to speed with proceedings—we make sure all the proper documentation gets to them. Your efforts will be spent on all concerns regarding the pending court action itself, not the documentation or class action lawsuit administration.

If you burden yourself and your staff with the administrative tasks, wouldn’t that work against the overall effectiveness of presenting or defending your case? Class actions are still widely popular after their initial boom. As such, it is of paramount importance that you have the very best class action lawsuit administration team on your side. The benefits of a superior service provider such as ours on your side will bolster workflow, improve the overall quality and reduce the costs you face—especially regarding administration.

Utilizing cutting edge and altogether common in play (but not so much in the world of legality) technologies to enhance and make more efficient the class action lawsuit administration tasks, RDM utilizes a set of skilled experts who specialize in workflow technology, who study the execution of these systems to develop more efficient means of performing tasks.

The most efficient processes are not always integrated into the administrator’s workflow. In large firms there are two most likely causes—negative cost to benefit ratio and incorporation challenges. When additional or unexpected costs become necessary (think ditching paper for digital technology), the administrator must effectively stop administrating, another task on their plate, to weigh the value of these additional costs to create and execute the more efficient technologies into the workflow versus increased financial benefits. Those benefits added on will not be greater than the costs unless external considerations are also looked at.

Not being efficient enough can cost you a pretty penny—administrative tasks adding to cost potentially 25% of the whole when low quality processes are in place. With advances in technology and automation, administration costs can be reduced by as much as 85%–simply by using the right technology, without cutting any of the information’s accuracy, completeness, or integrity.

Want to make the process more efficient? We can help with your class action lawsuit administration needs in Delaware. Give us a call at (215) 953-5175 or Request a Free Analysis.