Backfile Scanning Reading

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of paper documents in your office? Do you have filing cabinets overflowing with old documents that you rarely need, but you have to hold on to anyway? Not anymore! If you are drowning in paper documents, you need backfile scanning! Here at Resource Data Management, we offer backfile scanning to Reading businesses to help them with their records management needs.

When you choose Resource Data Management for backfile scanning, you get more than just that. We also provide excellent records management systems. We can ensure that you have access to every one of your documents, without requiring the space to store them all physically. When you need one of your files, you can simply pull it up on a computer using your imaging software.

Backfile Scanning Reading

Not sure what imaging software to choose or how to use one? That’s not a problem either. At Resource Data Management, we can help guide you to your dream of a totally paperless office! Move to the digital age and enjoy the security (file backups and no risk of natural disaster ruining your only copy) and space (no more physical storage of files) that backfile scanning has to offer!

Are you ready to learn more about backfile scanning? Give us a call to learn more about it today! We can answer any questions you have about the process, as well as discuss other services we provide.

RDM Backfile Scanning

Backfile scanning from Resource Data Management is designed to make your life easier. We provide you with a customized web interface that was specifically created for your business. In the blink of an eye you can access payment, customer and invoice information – all from your computer. We can even help you get started on using an online payment portal to avoid the security issues caused by leaving blank checks laying around.

Plus, the efficiency of finding documents online versus in filing cabinets just can’t be beat. Your employees will spend less time finding documents, so they can spend more time doing other aspects of their jobs.

Our backfile scanning process consists of:

  • Analyzing your existing document types and determining how you prefer to retrieve them digitally.
  • Collecting all the documents you want to have scanned.
  • Scanning and indexing your files so they are easily searchable.
  • Delivering your files to you in the format you prefer.
  • Returning the paper documents to you or keeping them to store or destroy – whatever your business requires!

Catching up with the digital era is simple when you choose Resource Data Management.

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