Aperture Card Scanning and How it Can Help Your Business Get Organized

Aperture cards are a dying art form. And though they were at one point one of the best ways to archive important material, they will soon become obsolete. That is why it is so important to invest in aperture card conversion for your New Jersey business. Before your important information becomes next to impossible to access, have your aperture cards scanned and converted to a more convenient, accessible format. At RDM, we are experts in document scanning and can provide your business with aperture card conversion that is professional, convenient and trustworthy. But first, we’d like to put together a rundown of what aperture card conversion is and what it can do for you.

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What is an aperture card?

These are types of punched cards with a cut-out window into which a microfilm with an image has been mounted. And, they are usually punched with machine readable metadata that goes along with the image. Aperture cards are typically used in engineering and the like for blueprints and plans. The information about the drawing, for example the drawing number, is often both punched and printed on the card. And, while many aperture cards still play an important role in archiving, their role is being replaced by digital systems. This is where aperture card conversion comes in; this process is what converts them to a digital, shareable format.

What is aperture card conversion?

Aperture card conversion allows you to convert your cards to digital images for improved access and retrieval. RDM will use the Hollerith or handwritten data on the card to provide an index resulting in immediate access to valuable data.

Are there any benefits to keeping my aperture cards?

Aperture cards have, for archival purposes, some advantages. They have a 500-year lifetime and are human readable. However, without the bulky machine to read them, hey are almost impossible to access. Most of the disadvantages are related to the well established differences in technology. For example, searching for given content is considerably slower. Handling physical cards also requires machinery and processing optical film takes significant time. So, it is a good idea to keep them as a back up. But, digital format makes more sense and is more convenient for today’s operating systems.

Aperture cards must also be treated with great care so they do not become damaged. That is why it is best to choose aperture card conversion to keep your data safe, secure and accessible.

At Resource Data Management, our goal is to help you have the most efficient and effective office possible. So, when you’re ready to look into aperture card conversion for your New Jersey business, give us a call. We serve not only New Jersey but the entire surrounding tri-state area. If you have questions about implementing aperture card conversion for your business, please give us a call at 215-953-5175 or Contact Us.