Aperture Card Conversion New Jersey

Does your business have old, inaccessible aperture cards on file? This outdated format requires machinery in order to read it and can also take up a lot of space. Though they were at one point one of the best ways to archive important materials like blueprints, aperture cards will soon become a thing of the past. Keeping your business’ image files on aperture cards can also limit your access to their important information. After all, you never know when you will want to access them. Aperture card conversion for your New Jersey business can make these files accessible again, allowing you to reference them whenever you need them. Having these files digitally will also allow you to easily share them if needed.

Before your important information becomes next to impossible to access, have your aperture cards scanned and converted to a more convenient, accessible format. At RDM, we are experts in document scanning and can provide your business with aperture card conversion that is professional, convenient and trustworthy.

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About Aperture Card Conversion

An aperture card is a punched card with a cut-out window into which a microfilm with an image has been mounted. And, they are usually punched with machine readable metadata that goes along with the image. Aperture cards are typically used in engineering and similar professions for blueprints and similar images.

RDM Inc Microfilm and Microfiche ScanningAperture card conversion scans the metadata and images, converting them to a digital file you can access on your computer. RDM will use the Hollerith or handwritten data on the card to provide an index resulting in immediate access to valuable data. There are many great benefits to aperture card conversion, including:

  • Expedite the retrieval processes
  • Improve access. Images can be printed or emailed directly from the desktop
  • Do away with outdated card readers
  • Increase storage space
  • Multiple users can access scanned images at the same time over a network
  • Greater search capabilities and complete document portability
  • And more

At Resource Data Management, our goal is to help you have the most efficient and effective office possible. And, aperture card conversion is a key step to a more efficient office. So, when you’re ready to look into aperture card conversion, give us a call! We can tell you more about it, how it works and get you on our schedule as soon as possible.

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