3 Reasons for Backfile Scanning

Does your office rely on paper documents to keep things running? Paper documents can be cumbersome, difficult to store and manage and even lost or damaged easily. Instead of putting your important documents and data at risk – try backfile scanning in Reading instead!

Here are three main reasons why you should consider Resource Data Management for your backfile scanning:

1. Prevent Data Loss/Document Mismanagement

Studies have shown that approximately 7.5% of all documents in work settings are lost, and another 3% are misfiled. On top of that, studies also show that employees working in environments with paper documents spend about 19% of their time at work searching for documents.

Document Scanning Wilmington

With about 10% of documents becoming difficult or even impossible to find, there is too much room for error with paper documents. However, backfile scanning can improve your efficiency and safely handle each document by guaranteeing that they are available digitally! Accidentally file your digital item in the wrong folder? No problem! You can simply search for what you are looking for and migrate it to the correct location.

Digital documents are also more easily organized and can save space in your office. More easily found documents also lead to an increase in productivity, as employees will no longer spend almost a fifth of their time at work searching for hard to find paper documents!

2. Increase Security

Additionally, backfile scanning increases the security of your documents. You can encrypt sensitive materials or even require special log ins to access confidential materials. Documents can be redacted to protect privacy as well. Plus, digital documents can be backed up to an external drive elsewhere, protecting your documents from being lost in case of fires, floods or other natural disasters that could affect your office space.

3. Access Data Anywhere

Finally, backfile scanning allows you to have access to your documents no matter where you are. This can save time in cases of remote work – where employees would have to take the time out of their day to come to the office to scan a document or another employee would be responsible for scanning and emailing necessary documents to those offsite. Instead of leaning into the hassle that paper documents cause to remote work, backfile scanning provides you with digital documents that you or your employees can access anywhere they need to increase productivity.

If you are ready to have backfile scanning performed for your office in Reading or the rest of the mid-Atlantic Region, call RDM at 215-953-5175 or contact us!